History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Here is the synopsis from the back cover-

Griffin has lost his first love in a drowning accident. Theo was his best friend, his ex-boyfriend and the one he believed he would end up with. Now, reeling from grief and worsening OCD, Griffin turns to an unexpected person for help. Theo’s new boyfriend. 

But as their relationship becomes increasingly complicated, dangerous truths begin to surface. Griffin must make a choice: confront the past, or miss out on his future.

‘Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We both know that’s bullshit; it comes from people who have nothing comforting or original to say.’

I’m finding it really hard to write a coherent review of my thoughts on this book (I’ve only been trying for a week!) So incoherent is what I’m delivering. Not because I didn’t enjoy it. I LOVED it! This story had me laughing, and then a paragraph later ready to full-blown ugly cry into my pillow. Adam Silvera has conjured up a narrative that I can only describe as an emotional rollercoaster. I was drowning in feels from the very beginning of this book and they continued to the very last page.

Admittedly I was late to the party with this one. I’ve read so many fabulous reviews for this book that I went into it with very high expectations. I’m so relieved that not only were these expectations met, they were surpassed. History Is All You Left Me really is as moving and powerful as advertised.

The story follows Griffin through his past (history) and the present (today), as he tries to deal with the untimely death of his ex and first love Theo. The relationship between Griffin and Theo was one I adored. They were perhaps the most adorable pair of nerds I have ever encountered within the pages of a book. Which was a major highlight for me, I do love a harry potter or star wars reference. Yer a wizard, Griffin! I didn’t want to switch from history to today when reading because I knew that Theo was dead, which suuuuccckkkked. I must say that Adam wrote Griffin’s grief over the loss of Theo beautifully, it was so raw and undeniably human that no person on this planet could read it and not relate in some manner. Grief is a big theme in this novel, so if you’re picking this up (You’d be crazy not to!) have some tissues at the ready for the tears, and prepare to feel like you’ve been punched in the esophagus at certain points.

Jackson is Theo’s new boyfriend, Griffin meets him for the first time at Theo’s funeral. From the very beginning I wanted to hate Jackson, but that was an impossible task. It’s very easy to see why Theo was so taken with Jackson and he quickly became an obstacle in their remaining relationship.

I don’t want to say anymore in fear that I  may spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet read this wee gem of a book. I absolutely adored this, and talked about it so much that my 67 year old grandmother is now reading her first book with LGBT characters. I can’t wait to pick up another Adam Silvera book, any recommendations on which one I should read next?

5/5 stars

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